Dr. Habbel has changed my life completely. Ever since I got mini dental implants installed I can speak and eat without worry. I no longer need to hide my smile from others. Go for MDI now and your life too can be changed for the better.

- Monica Huntington

Dr. Habbel is a great find. Finally, I have my perfect smile back with mini dental implants. Not only was it painless and inexpensive, but also really quick. Everything was done in one day and I recovered in no time. Dr. Habbel is just fantastic. I would recommend him to all of you.

- Tom Bouffant

I was terrified of going to a dentist, but Dr. Habbel was just wonderful. He explained everything patiently and answered all my questions. The procedure itself was quick, affordable and relatively painless. If you want a better smile, visit his clinic immediately.

- Ross McCoy

I have been living with dentures for more than a decade. They caused daily stress because they were ill fitting and very uncomfortable. This made it difficult to chew and even difficult to talk. Finally, Dr. Habbel suggested dental implants to replace my dentures. These new implants are perfect. Today I have no trouble talking or chewing and the best part, no discomfort!

- James Chandler

I was self-conscious for a very long time because of my damaged teeth. I was afraid to smile in public and had difficulty making friends. Ever since Dr. Habbel put in my dental implants, all my problems have disappeared. I'm no longer afraid to go out in public and I can now smile with confidence.

- Phoebe Kirk